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Eight-Side Sealing Bag

Eight-Side Sealing Bag

Kraft paper octagonal sealed flat bottom zipper bag. The use of kraft paper can prolong the shelf life of food and look high-grade.

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Food grade materials

Pet aluminized film / kraft paper / PE three-layer composite

PE film is attached inside, which can be in direct contact with food

Double sided 28 silk (customizable)


Food, nuts, snacks, tea, coffee beans, specialty dry goods


Easy to tear mouth, self sealing strip, can stand, support heat sealing

Kraft paper octagonal sealed flat bottom zipper bag. The use of kraft paper can prolong the shelf life of food and look high-grade.

Design of one-way air valve

It can discharge the carbon dioxide gas released by roasted coffee beans, avoid the expansion and burst of coffee bags, and prevent the oxidation and deterioration of coffee beans caused by external air entering the bags

With zipper, it is convenient for daily use of food and can be sealed and stored after opening the bag. The octagonal bag can stand by itself because the bottom is flat, which is convenient for the placement and display of products.

Applicable materials: PET / Al / PE, PET / VMPET / PE, OPP / VMPET / PE, PET / CPP, etc,

Various specifications of packaging bags can be customized according to customer needs

Specifications(cm) Thickness (double side) rice Red jujube pine nut Peanut with shell Green Tea leaf Bottom radius(cm)
9*14+3 28silk 100g 40g 70g 30g 25g 3cm
11*18.5+3 28silk 250g 100g 170g 70g 70g 3cm
13*18.5+4 28silk 360g 170g 250g 100g 100g 4cm
13*21+4 28silk 450g 200g 300g 150g 130g 4cm
15*21+4 28silk 500g 250g 400g 180g 180g 4cm
15*24+4 28silk 720g 300g 500g 230g 200g 4cm
17*24+4 28silk 900g 400g 630g 280g 250g 4cm
18*26+4 28silk 1.15kg 525g 815g 365g 325g 4cm
18*30+5 28silk 1.4kg 650g 1kg 450g 400g 5cm
20*25+5 28silk 1.6kg 800g 1.2kg 550g 500g 5cm
20*30+5 28silk 1.8kg 925g 1.4kg 650g 600g 5cm
23*35+5 28silk 2.0kg 1.05kg 1.6kg 800g 750g 5cm


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    GUSSET POUCH 60x110cm (min), 320x450cm (max) 60 microns – 180 microns (2.5mil – 7.5mil ) BOPP/PET + PETAL + LLDPE + CPP 10,000 – 20,000 pieces Low / Medium
    STAND UP POUCH 80x120cm (min)    320x450cm + 120cm (max) 60 microns – 180 microns (2.5mil – 7.5mil ) BOPP/PET/PA + Kraft Paper + AL FOIL + PETAL + LLDPE + CPP 30,000 – 50,000 pieces ( Depend on size ) Medium / High

    TedPack: Your Leading Coffee bag manufacturer in China

    At TedPack, the Coffee Bag degassing valve technology employed in our pouches helps to allow air out from the bag without letting air in. This technology ensures that coffee is kept fresh and sealed tightly inside the pouch.

    The degassing valve allows the built-up carbon dioxide to escape while the coffee freshness killers such as moisture, oxygen, or light are not permitted in. The one-way degassing valve ensures that customers get fresh coffee.

    However, Coffee Bags have replaced all that and have made packaging to change for the better.  When choosing a packaging product for your coffee, there are some factors one needs to look at and those factors are further discussed below.

    The freshness state of the coffee until it reaches the customer.  This means that the supplier must make sure the coffee stays fresh when being distributed to businesses, stores, cafes, or shipped to end user in foreign countries (as export). Freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide which makes it hard to maintain its freshness.

    To ensure that the freshness is preserved, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) options are utilized. Send your inquiry to make your perfect coffee bags.